Innovation is not a department

It’s a Mindset

Welcome to OMIND platform: Transform your corporate culture!

Our mission

OMIND platform is all about transforming your company culture and establishing an open innovation culture. Our goal is to lead your company on a sustainable journey of collaboration and innovation.

What is the „open innovation mindset“?

OMIND platform promotes a quantifiable „Open Innovation Mindset“ among your employee:s. This means not only change, but also measurable and sustainable development. We rely on innovative methods based on solid research results.

Only what is measured can be improved

Our approach

Quantifiable Open Innovation Mindset

Our unique approach enables the measurement and development of each user’s Open Innovation Mindset. We deliver not just abstract concepts, but results that document visible behavioral changes during the development process.

Overarching collaboration

We create an open culture of innovation in which knowledge sharing and collaboration are not just words, but lived practice. Employees take responsibility and actively shape change across departments, locations and companies.

Hybrid approach to innovation and transformation

Our OMIND program uses an intelligent combination of digital technologies and emotional interventions. This enables comprehensive culture change and business transformation to effectively manage transformation pressures.


Emotional interventions and a digital platform help business success


Starter, empowerment or complete transformation, the right support for every situation


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About us

One vision, one goal and four founders with different backgrounds


Our approach is based on the latest findings of science


Experience innovation live with exciting guests and business experts

Why OMIND platform?

Successful companies know that innovation and transformation are key to long-term competitiveness. Our OMIND program delivers proven results to create a lasting culture of change and collaboration.

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Your journey with OMIND

Start your journey to an open innovation culture and successful transformation now. Our program provides you with the tools for sustainable change, visible and trackable over time.

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