Success story

  • The success story: OMIND and Hugo Boss – collaboration for a more conscious corporate culture

    The collaboration between OMIND and HUGO BOSS started at the beginning of this year and is already showing impressive results. With 130 highly motivated employees, the project has not only generated a positive response within the company, but has also provided important insights into how conscious collaboration and reflection can have a lasting impact on corporate culture, which is based on trust, team mentality and strengthening the sense of „we“.

    Conscious learning through OMIND:

    One of the outstanding feedbacks from user feedback is the appreciation for showing employees how to deal more consciously with colleagues, situations and changes. The OMIND platform not only enables a deeper understanding of one’s own mindset, but also that of colleagues. A milestone in this collaboration is the introduction of Outlook integration, which allows employees to seamlessly integrate OMIND into their daily work. OMIND acts as a catalyst for conscious mindset development, strengthening fundamental company values such as trust and team mentality, as well as the sense of „we“ and also the willingness to change within the workforce.

    Taking communication to a new level:

    The impressive figure of 96% of users talking to their colleagues via the OMIND platform within the first few weeks clearly shows that there is a need for more open communication within the company. The platform has helped to foster dialogues that might not have been conducted with such openness before. The ability to measure success and track personal progress through gamification further motivates employees and creates a positive competitive atmosphere that further drives individual development.

    A pleasing result can be seen in the fact that 53% of the user:ins feel positive changes already four weeks after the first intervention. This proves that conscious learning and the application of this knowledge in daily practice can quickly have positive effects on the way of working and the working atmosphere.

    User feedback speaks for itself. Employees report that OMIND has shown them how important the topic of openness is, and that many who thought they were open became aware through the platform that there is still room for more openness. Another voice emphasized the change in their own emotional experience and how they deal with daily challenges.

    Voices from the workforce:

    The conscious reflection of meetings is perceived as valuable by employees. OMIND promotes a more conscious approach to meetings, which in turn leads to more productive discussions and better prepared follow-up meetings. The platform thus serves not only as a tool for individual development, but also as a support for more effective teamwork.

    For an even deeper insight into the success story of this partnership, we recommend taking a look at HUGO BOSS‘ official LinkedIn post. There, the company shares their perspective on working with OMIND and the changes they’ve seen in the company culture.

    The collaboration between OMIND and HUGO BOSS is shown to be a success story in promoting a conscious corporate culture. The integration of OMIND into employees‘ everyday working lives has not only led to more open communication, but also to lasting positive changes in behavior and cooperation. The future promises further exciting developments on the path to a more conscious and open corporate culture at HUGO BOSS.