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  • Prof. Dr. Marcel Bogers

    Prof. Dr. Marcel Bogers

    „Open Innovation Mindset is one of the fundamental factors that will determine whether organizations can successfully implement an Open Innovation strategy. I see the OMIND platform as a great example of how our latest academic knowledge on the human side of Open Innovation is translated into practice. At the same time, its use will also […]

  • Dominic Oughton

    Dominic Oughton

    The OI Forum regularly engages external thought leaders to share insights on specific topics, and it was natural to work with OMIND to focus on the important area of encouraging an OI Mindset. Aurelia and her team worked with the group to help them evaluate their current mindset and identify practical approaches to enhancing this […]

  • Ian Wong

    Ian Wong

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aurelia and the OMIND team during the RMITActivator LaunchHub program.  OMIND brought a structured and determined mindset into the LaunchHub program and were able to develop a strong offering for organisations seeking to leverage Open Innovation for competitive advantage.    The Human Centred approach to Open Innovation and the OMIND platform to […]

  • Susan Fischer

    Susan Fischer

    OMIND and Kollektiv MFG share the same mission to develop technology that supports new behaviours for better team collaboration. Evaluating employees mindsets, capturing their biases and helping them to adopt new collaborative habits is the key to innovation. That’s why we proudly join forces! At Kollektiv MFG we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion at […]

  • Sebastian Flock

    Sebastian Flock

    Open Innovation should first and foremost be fun, right? Fun in the interaction with others and fun in the professional and qualified exchange among each other. So how must a digital interface, a digital product, be designed that collects the quality of Open Innovation within teams, companies and organisations, where it primarily relies on the […]

  • Harald Ostler

    Harald Ostler

    Whether innovation becomes successful in companies depends on the people. OMIND platform´s approach starts exactly there and helps to promote the innovation culture with the Open Innovation Mindset assessment and the real time knowledge exchange tracking. In this way, Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger and her team pave the way for successful innovation. We at aumentoo are […]

  • Alexander Romppel & Thilo Volprich

    Alexander Romppel & Thilo Volprich

    What connects OMIND and us? For the OMINDers as well as for us, the topic of Mindset instead of Skillset as a central lever for the development of potential in people, teams and entire organizations is central. We share common values and a passion for data and technology. That’s our joined why! For companies that […]

  • Marte Kessler & Dr. Judith Mühlenhoff

    Marte Kessler & Dr. Judith Mühlenhoff

    “To solve the big societal challenges of our time we must work together across disciplines. That is our core belief at innOsci, the forum for open innovation culture, organized by the Stifterverband and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Such collaborations require an open mindset and training the innovation muscle. OMIND […]

  • Dr. Kirsten Mikkelsen

    Dr. Kirsten Mikkelsen

    “The OMIND assessment tool for measuring the development of an open innovation mindset is the perfect base for us to make one of our key KPIs measurable. This brings along the opportunity to finally be able to measure a mindset change in academia. At all times Aurelia and her team are professional, cooperative and open […]