The Team

The Team behind OMIND platform

Pioneers of change and innovation

We are more than just a company – we are a team of passionate visionaries dedicated to transforming businesses through innovation and collaboration. Our founding team brings a rich blend of expertise, experience and enthusiasm to the world of culture and business change.

Meet the Minds: our founders

Dr. Aurelia engelsberger

CEO & Co-founder

As an organizational psychologist, I have always been very interested in how to best empower people for the ever-changing workday. In my doctoral thesis, I developed measurement instruments in industrial collaborations to evaluate the willingness of employees to innovate. The biggest challenge in practice is to implement this open mindset permanently in everyday work and to develop it systematically. „Only what gets measured gets managed“ – this was the motto behind the OMIND platform.

Stefan Peters

CTO & Co-founder

From my previous job, I know time pressure and tight deadlines. It’s no different in a start-up. But the opportunities to develop myself, to lead my own company and to know that everyone makes a decisive contribution to it, has strengthened my decision to fully immerse myself in the start-up world.

Lea Kunz

CMO & Co-founder

For me, the power of collaboration is at the core. With a background in design and user EXperience, I bring the element of collaboration to the DNA of OMIND platform. My passion is helping organizations achieve common goals by aligning individual strengths, teamwork, and innovative processes through the user experience approach. Being able to work in a young startup right after my Master’s degree is really exciting!

Together we shape the future

As the founding team of OMIND platform, we share not only our skills and knowledge, but also a common vision: to help companies create a dynamic culture where employees can reach their full potential. Our unique perspectives and commitment to excellence are the foundation on which OMIND platform is built. We look forward to working with you and supporting your journey to transformation and innovation.

Our OMIND team: We are not shaping this path alone

The collaboration in our cross-functional team is proof of our commitment to initiating a movement of change in organisations. We are proud to work with people who share our passion and look forward to guiding organisations on their journey to excellence. Together, we are ready to tackle the challenges of today’s business world and shape a future where innovation and progress take centre stage.

John Rohm

Product Manager

Already as a child I loved to deconstruct and analyse things like the old VHS recorder of my parents only to understand their inner workings. This curiosity has not changed. Only now, I focus on understanding human behavior and ideas.
With my role in product management I have found the perfect synergy between my education in engineering and my interest and curiosity for human behavior.

Alexander Pelster

Full-Stack Developer

As a full stack developer with expertise in front-end and back-end technologies, I bring a versatile skill set to the table. I am passionate about creating seamless user experiences and delivering robust, scalable solutions.

Awani Rawat

Full-Stack Developer

I joined the OMIND team as a werkstudent alongside my master’s studies in Computer Science. While I have six years of experience as a software developer, the start-up work environment gives me the excitement of a beginner every day. The opportunity to develop the platform, contribute ideas to enhance it, being able to see the internal workings of an organization – all together makes a perfect recipe for a motivating, fun environment.

Together we achieve great things

The friends and supporters who partner with us bring a wealth of experience and expertise. They are not only experts in their respective fields, but also advocates of our mission to transform organizations through progressive workforce development. Their enthusiasm for a „doer culture“ and determination to bring about positive change make them true catalysts for change. Together, we form a network of like-minded individuals who all adhere to the same principles: Innovation, Collaboration and Continuous Transformation. In this way, we broaden our perspective, bring in fresh ideas, and foster a broader dialogue about the importance of a modern corporate culture.

Adelina Gerteis

Head of Sales at Microsoft Germany

After completing her MBA studies at the IESE Business School in Barcelona and at MIT in Cambridge, MA, Adelina Gerteis has been working in various management roles for Microsoft Germany and Ireland since 2018 – most recently as Sales Manager for German SMEs.

For Adelina Gerteis – herself multilingual and raised with an immigrant background – transparent communication, curiosity and openness to the world are of great importance. She would like to bring these values, coupled with her drive to consistently realize potential, to OMIND.

Olaf Scholz

Partner & Coach

For more than 30 years, Olaf managed projects, advised customers and provided IT services at the interface between people and technology.
The key to his success was to work closely and openly as part of a team.

What connects me with OMIND:
„I am convinced that a successful and sustainable team needs more than just the right methods and tools, which is where OMIND comes in.“

Jovana Walter

Investment Principal at PWC Germany

Jovana worked in M&A and leveraged finance for many years and complemented her hands-on experience with in-depth training in investment management by obtaining the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®). She entered the venture capital ecosystem in part through her own startup. She founded an entrepreneurial network in Frankfurt that has grown to over 120 women who share the common principle of supporting each other. She supported a wide range of companies of all types, from regional service-oriented to scalable business models.

Today, Jovana is an Investment Principal at PwC Germany, investing in industrial tech growth companies where she also sits on advisory boards and expert panels. She is passionate about increasing the value of young companies that drive innovation and thus enable sustainable prosperity.

Erwin Feldhaus 

Entrepreneur, Investor and Pivot Companion

Innovation is the common thread in Erwin’s professional career. Regardless of whether he works in a start-up, in a large company or in the public sector, he uses his curiosity purposefully to discover new approaches and solve problems.

„If you are open to new things, you will always find a creative solution.“