The Team

Dr. Aurelia engelsberger

CEO & Co-founder

Through my work as a management consultant, I have experienced that during and shortly after the workshops, the motivation of the employees to change their way of thinking was very high. The real difficulty, however, is to implement what has been learned in the long term in everyday work. This is how the idea for OMIND platform came about.

Olivier Jacquemoth

CTO & Co-founder

At first, software development was the balance to my Master’s degree in theoretical physics. Above all, the practical application is different from what I learned during my studies. Now it is my full-time job alongside my Master’s degree.

Stefan Peters

CFO & Co-founder

From my previous job, I know time pressure and tight deadlines. It’s no different in a start-up. But the opportunities to develop myself, to lead my own company and to know that everyone makes a decisive contribution to it, has strengthened my decision to fully immerse myself in the start-up world.

Lea Kunz

CMO & Co-founder

To be able to work in a young start-up directly after my Master’s degree in marketing and design is really exciting! I’m also very happy to have the opportunity to write my thesis on user experience in an open innovation environment and that my results can be directly applied in practice.