• “Thank you OMIND for having us piloting your platform during our strategy breakout. It was a clear enrichment giving focus to team collaboration.

    We see the benefits especially in cadenced project or program settings, where defined and stable team setups can reflect and improve their exchange and communication habits. Cadenced and coordinated meeting setups will support periodical comparisons. We could thus imagine agile teams or scaled agile setups to benefit and grow appyling OMIND.”

    Claudia Betcke


    Global Digital Transformation Manager

  • „The biggest problem with an open mindset is having the courage to do things differently. OMIND platform is valuable for anyone who wants to actively engage with the topic of Open Mindset and, above all, wants to learn about themselves and develop themselves further. Would I recommend OMIND platform to others…? Yes! To entrepreneurs whose conviction is exactly where we are, that people make the difference and that people have the skills and the possibilities to create the innovative power we need in the future!“

    Kerstin hochmüller



  • „Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger & her OMIND team helped us to boost the knowledge exchange in the Mission3D project.

    The goal of our Mission3Ds project is to drive digital transformation in product development in collaboration with internal and external partners – in the spirit of open innovation. For this to happen, however, the right mindset must be in place. With the help of workshops and recommendations for action tailored to us, as well as measurable KPIs through a digital tool, we were not only able to build a strong foundation for our internal knowledge exchange within the team, but also promote collaboration with external partners. We are already looking forward to further collaboration.“

    Sebastian Berg


    Vice President Business Operations Excellence

  • „Open Innovation Mindset is one of the fundamental factors that will determine whether organizations can successfully implement an Open Innovation strategy. I see the OMIND platform as a great example of how our latest academic knowledge on the human side of Open Innovation is translated into practice. At the same time, its use will also generate valuable knowledge that will further improve our understanding of Open Innovation theory. „

    Prof. Dr. Marcel Bogers


    Professor of Open & Collaborative Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology

  • The OI Forum regularly engages external thought leaders to share insights on specific topics, and it was natural to work with OMIND to focus on the important area of encouraging an OI Mindset. Aurelia and her team worked with the group to help them evaluate their current mindset and identify practical approaches to enhancing this at a personal and organisational level. The potential to deploy the OMIND Platform to provide a quantifiable measure of ‘Openness’ is a valuable tool in this journey – ‘How can you manage it if you can’t measure it?’“

    Dominic Oughton


    Leader – Open Innovation Forum, IfM Engage

  • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aurelia and the OMIND team during the RMITActivator LaunchHub program.  OMIND brought a structured and determined mindset into the LaunchHub program and were able to develop a strong offering for organisations seeking to leverage Open Innovation for competitive advantage.    The Human Centred approach to Open Innovation and the OMIND platform to allow organisations to accelerate the benefits that can be obtained from Open Innovation is a strong differentiator for OMIND.  I would strongly recommend working with Aurelia and the OMIND if you are interested in embedding Open Innovation within your organisation.

    Ian Wong


    Vice President Circular Economy Victoria & LaunchHub Coach RMIT Activator

  • OMIND and Kollektiv MFG share the same mission to develop technology that supports new behaviours for better team collaboration. Evaluating employees mindsets, capturing their biases and helping them to adopt new collaborative habits is the key to innovation. That’s why we proudly join forces!

    At Kollektiv MFG we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion at work are the most underrated factors for innovation. That’s why we build tools to add DE&I methods to daily workflows. We proudly develop Calvah, a software assistant that improves inclusion and productivity in virtual meetings.

    Susan Fischer


    Co-CEO of Kollektiv MFG GmbH

  • Open Innovation should first and foremost be fun, right?

    Fun in the interaction with others and fun in the professional and qualified exchange among each other.

    So how must a digital interface, a digital product, be designed that collects the quality of Open Innovation within teams, companies and organisations, where it primarily relies on the digital input of the people within these teams and organisations?

    Correct: first and foremost, it should be fun. We gladly took on this task with Aurelia and her team during the development of the UX/ UI for OMIND platform and are very happy about the result every time.

    A meaningful digital product – this is OMIND platform.

    Sebastian Flock


    Founder, acb.studio

  • Whether innovation becomes successful in companies depends on the people. OMIND platform´s approach starts exactly there and helps to promote the innovation culture with the Open Innovation Mindset assessment and the real time knowledge exchange tracking. In this way, Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger and her team pave the way for successful innovation. We at aumentoo are happy about the great collaboration and to be able to offer this important building block in our solution.

    Harald Ostler


    CEO Aumentoo GmbH

  • What connects OMIND and us? For the OMINDers as well as for us, the topic of Mindset instead of Skillset as a central lever for the development of potential in people, teams and entire organizations is central. We share common values and a passion for data and technology. That’s our joined why!

    For companies that are ready for change and want to establish an open innovation culture, we can highly recommend a collaboration with the OMIND platform team.

    Alexander Romppel & Thilo Volprich


    Team Technology GmbH