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Your key to transformation: OMIND platform and the power of innovation through collaboration.

Our pioneering HR development software, which goes far beyond the conventional, accompanies companies on their journey to unleash the full potential of their employees. Through a progressive process, we not only create a collaborative mindset within your organization, but also the foundation for breakthrough innovation. We know that the path to success requires clear direction and measurability. That’s why we offer you our services: systematic performance measurement and individual employee development with the help of before-and-after analyses.

With OMIND, you are not only taking a step towards transformation, but actively shaping the future viability of your company.

Empowering employees for an innovation mindset

We support your teams in strengthening their willingness to change and developing a mindset that promotes innovation and ensures the future viability of your company.

Measuring the success of mindset transformation

We offer systematic performance measurement and individual employee development through before-and-after analyses. This allows you to keep an eye on progress and track the effectiveness of our programs.

Your path to sustainable change and scalable performance measurement

Our OMIND development path offers a range of essential services to revolutionize your corporate culture and prepare your employees for the challenges of the future.

Powerful employee development software for individual development and sustainable success.

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Includes 200 Licenses

Minimum term: 12 months

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Holistic development roadmap

Professional Onboarding

Individual Management Training

Objective success KPIs

Company-specific benchmarking

Unlimited platform usage

Our services include:

Workshop series with 3 emotional interventions

Through targeted workshops based on emotional interventions, we promote willingness to change and create sustainable habits through „tiny habits“.

Interactive & motivating digital platform

Experience a new dimension of collaboration and learning with our interactive platform that motivates your employees to actively engage in their own development.

Systematic and individualized development support

Our holistic development path, consisting of onboarding workshops, interactive individual and group coaching sessions, offers a customized journey to peak performance.

Are you prepared to do things differently?

At OMIND platform, we believe that real change comes from within. Our development path is the key to creating a culture where innovation and collaboration flourish. Let’s embark together on the path to an inspired „maker culture“ and drive your transformation. Learn more about the opportunities we offer and let’s work together on your future.