Our extended team: certified trainers accompany you

We provide you with highly qualified certified trainers who will accompany you every step of the way to achieve your goals and take your organisation to a new level.

Working with our carefully selected and certified consultants underlines our deep commitment to initiating positive change in organisations. We enjoy working with people who share our passion for growth and development. Together, we support organisations on their journey to excellence.

As experts in their respective fields, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to develop customised solutions for your specific requirements. With a strong focus on innovation and continuous improvement, we are ready to tackle the challenges of the modern business world and shape a future where success and progress take centre stage.

Join our network today and let’s set the course for your business success together.

Dr. Anne-Marie Deans

Independent Facilitator & Business Consultant

I am convinced that as leaders and colleagues, we need to start with our own mindset and strengthen our ability to stay curious in order to change our behavior and support the shift towards more creativity, innovation and collaboration. I find it exciting how OMIND offers a unique solution to both develop and practice such an open mindset.

Dr. Malte Krohn

Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant at mindfulstartup.school

In my industry doctorate, I researched the right mindset for innovation. I also always enjoy accompanying people in workshops in collaborative processes. I look forward to continuing to put these passions into practice with the OMIND team and exciting clients.

Jacqueline Aslan

Scrum Master, Facilitator and Consultant

As a certified scrum master, facilitator and consultant, Jacqueline helps teams to focus on the essentials without losing sight of the big picture. Jacqueline likes to travel and is always on the lookout for good coffee.

Even in challenging situations, Jacqueline always remains calm and finds new solutions together with the teams. She adapts flexibly to different personalities and creates a supportive environment for constructive exchange. As a linguist, she facilitates workshops in various languages in which she not only conveys content and methods effectively and appropriately for the respective target group, but also takes cultural nuances into account. This makes her workshops accessible to a wide audience.

Ronny Oelschlägel

Business Trainer, Facilitator, Master Coach, Therapist and
expert in learning strategies and team development

Ronny is a business trainer, facilitator, master coach, therapist and
expert in learning strategies and team development. When he is not involved in a team development process, he is either on a bicycle trip around the world or conquering a bouldering route. His many years of experience in training and leading groups are reflected in his eventful workshops and professional coaching sessions.

Ronny uses his comprehensive interdisciplinary expertise successfully in the development of learning systems and innovative concepts. His actions are characterized by dynamism, mindfulness and openness. His distinctive expertise and therapeutically trained knowledge make him an ideal partner for solution-oriented and active project implementation active project implementation.

Johanna Freudenberg

Scrum Master, Workshop Expert, Trainer and Moderator

As a scrum master, workshop expert, trainer and moderator, Johanna is always full of energy, joy and focus. This is probably because she likes to spend a lot of time jogging and cycling in nature, where she often comes up with good ideas.

Groups that have been facilitated by Johanna are delighted with the results at the end of a workshop and that even the most difficult topics were fun to work on. In training sessions, Johanna impresses by imparting knowledge and experience that is tailored to the participants in such a way that everyone can take home added value. Anyone who knows Johanna knows that working with her is always a mountain of fun.

Gunther Kracke

Systemic Business Coach

Gunther is a systemic business coach and has extensive project and management experience. With his trained eye, he develops organizations sustainably. On walks with his dog Anna, he always comes up with unusual ideas for new workshop formats.

Gunther is characterized by his innovative workshop concepts, which playfully encourage teams to develop their full potential. His ability to read between the lines enables him to gain deep insights and develop tailor-made solutions. With his resource-conserving approach, he effectively leads teams at all hierarchical levels to the desired result. His workshops are not only refreshingly different, but also get to the heart of the issues, leaving participants with a sense of fulfillment and motivation.