Successful companies invest in innovation and transformation

The key to long-term competitiveness lies in a company’s ability to actively approach innovation and transformation. Our OMIND program offers a hybrid approach that combines digital technologies and emotional interventions to enable comprehensive culture change and business transformation.

Companies are increasingly confronted with transformation pressures in a wide variety of areas. A lack of an open culture of innovation, fears that inhibit the exchange of knowledge and a growing shortage of skilled workers, to name just a few of today’s challenges. One crisis follows the next. The urge for continuous innovation and the competitive pressure are constantly increasing. Isolated forces are not enough to cope with these challenges. The result is demotivated employees and internal dissatisfaction.

One-off measures do not bring sustainable success!

Open Innovation Mindset: A Foundation for Innovation and Collaboration

Our platform aims to establish the Open Innovation Mindset in your organization, fostering innovation quality and culture. We understand that change must not only be systematic, but also measurable and sustainable. Our focus is on fostering collaboration, overcoming competitive thinking, and creating an environment where employees are encouraged and developed.

Innovative thinking encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organization. This leads to an open and collaborative work environment where ideas flow and innovation thrives.

Create a culture of change and collaboration.

Our OMIND program provides you with the tools to create a culture of change and collaboration. With a strong focus on people development and targeted interventions, we enable you to systematically address transformation in your organization. Our platform captures progress over time, making change visible and trackable.

We focus on continuous and measurable mindset change.

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If you’re ready to drive innovation, collaboration and transformation in your organization, we’re here to support you. With the OMIND program, you’re not only shaping an open and innovative mindset, but also sustainable change that will strengthen your competitiveness and lead your company into the future. Get in touch and discover how we can shape the path of change together.

Invest in innovation, invest in your future – with OMIND.

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